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6th World Congress on Medicinal Plants and Marine Drugs, will be organized around the theme “The cure from nature takeaway the roots of COVID-19”

Medicinal Plants 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Medicinal Plants 2020

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Medicinal Plants are utilized in all cultures as a supply of drugs. Medicinal Plants are open, reasonable and socially proper wellsprings of essential medicinal services for more than 80% of Asia's populace (WHO). They have been used for thousands of years to flavor and conserve food, to treat health disorders and to forestall diseases together with epidemics. Thus, there is far-reaching enthusiasm for elevating customary wellbeing frameworks to meet essential human service needs. This is notably valid in South Asia, as prices of innovative medications winding and governments discover it more and more laborious to satisfy the value of pharmaceutical-based social welfare.

  • Track 1-1Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants
  • Track 1-2Medicinal Plants in Traditional care System
  • Track 1-3Global market of Medicinal Plants
  • Track 1-4Phytomedicine and Medicinal Crops
  • Track 1-5Efficacy of Medicinal Plants

The study of Marine Biology includes a wide variety of disciplines such as astronomy, biological oceanography, cellular biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, meteorology, molecular biology, physical oceanography and zoology and the new science of marine conservation biology draws on many longstanding scientific disciplines such as marine ecology, biogeography, zoology, botany, genetics, fisheries biology, anthropology, economics and law.

The Marine drugs which are obtained from marine organisms are known as marine drugs. These marine drugs are used since ancient times.  And interestingly, innumarable products derived from the marine organisms in several 'crude forms' have been widely used across the globe by the traditional practitioners for thousands of years.

  • Track 2-1Marine Natural Products Chemistry
  • Track 2-2Marine Chemical Biology
  • Track 2-3Ocean Bio-geochemistry
  • Track 2-4Deep Sea Mining
  • Track 2-5Marine Geology
  • Track 2-6Marine heavy metals poisoning marine toxicology
  • Track 2-7Fisheries Biology and Management
  • Track 2-8Marine Pollution
  • Track 2-9Coastal Ecology
  • Track 2-10Ocean Acidification

Marine Plants grow near the surface of salt water and ice, inside reach of sunlight necessary for photosynthesis. Algae, a kind of marine plant, produce from the foundation of the food chain and essential to a balanced. Marine Plants support higher saltwater living forms. Marine residues that area unit fashioned by alga oft contain fossils that uncover components of marine plants' organic process history. The dispersion of marine plants was influenced by plate tectonic theory as mainlands moved  and ocean shapes modified. Marine Plants assume an important half to satisfy the requirement of sustenance and nourishment for amending the human infirmities. Higher utilization of a few plant nourishments most likely ensures against several cancers. Marine Plants area unit apparently going concerning as atom scavengers, antimicrobial and malignant neoplasm operators as they contain high measures of polyphenols, for instance, phenolic resin acids, flavonoids, anthocyanidins, catechin, epicatechin, lignin, tannins, epigallocatechin, and gallic acid. These polyphenolic compounds have demonstrated numerous wellbeing profiting bioactivities, for example, cell reinforcement, anticancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and a capacity to hinder human platelet agglomeration.

  • Track 3-1Marine Pharmacognosy
  • Track 3-2Anticancer Drugs from Marine Flora
  • Track 3-3Phytoplankton & life-promoting nutrients
  • Track 3-4Green algae Medicinal benefits (Chlorophyta)
  • Track 3-5Red algae & and antioxidants (Rhodophyta)

Plant Science or all the more suitably alluded to as organic science, is the part of natural science that includes investigation of the morphology, life systems, scientific categorization and physiology of plants. It likewise incorporates study and investigation of sub-atomic parts of plant metabolic pathways, and the environmental connections existing between different plants. Furthermore, plant sciences likewise incorporate the investigation of fundamental ideas and connected parts of exploratory plant science, genomics, proteomics, plant natural chemistry, cell science, developmental science, useful plant rearing and frameworks science. The ebb and flow patterns and future prospects of plant science examine envelop the advancement of illness safe plants through plant biotechnological developments.

  • Track 4-1Sustainable business practices
  • Track 4-2Plant Breeding
  • Track 4-3Residues in Soils and Ecotoxicology
  • Track 4-4Plant Tissue Culture
Plant Physiology may be a sub-discipline of biological science involved with the functioning or physiology of plants. Closely connected fields embody plant morphology (structure of plants), plant ecology (interactions with the environment), phytochemistry (biochemistry of plants), cell biology, genetics, natural philosophy and biology.
The fundamental method like chemical action, respiration, plant nutrition, plant hormones functions, tropisms, nastic movements, photoperiodism, photomorphogenesis, unit of time rhythms, environmental stress physiology, seed germination, dormancy and stomata operate and transpiration, both parts of plants of plant water relations, are studied by plant physiologists.
Plant Pathology is outlined because of the study of the organisms and environmental conditions that cause un-wellness in plants, the mechanisms by that this happens, the interactions between these causative agents and additionally the plant (effects on plant growth, yield, and quality) and also the strategies of managing or dominant disease. It in addition interfaces info from different scientific fields like biology, biology, virology, chemistry and bioinformatics.
  • Track 5-1Plant Morphology
  • Track 5-2Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Track 5-3Cellular Interaction
  • Track 5-4Phytochemistry
  • Track 5-5Environmental Interactions
  • Track 5-6Environmental Interactions

Ethnopharmacology is that the study of healthful Plant use in use especially cultural teams or study of variations in response to medicine by numerous cultures. It is mainly defined as the interdisciplinary scientific exploration of biologically active agents traditionally employed or observed by man. The objectives of the ethnopharmacological medicine area unit to rescue and document necessary cultural heritage before it's lost, and to research and measure agents utilized. Thus, it plays an Associate in Nursing large role within the analysis of natural merchandise and a lot of significantly flavoring medicine from ancient and lore resources.

  • Track 6-1Ethnobiology
  • Track 6-2Ethnobotany
  • Track 6-3Clinical Ethnopharmacology
  • Track 6-4Medical anthropology

Natural Product are chemical compounds or a substance made by a living organism that's, found in nature. They can even be ready by chemical synthesis, semi-synthesis or total synthesis. These might act as active parts not just for ancient medication however additionally for contemporary medicines. Natural Medicines are oft utilized as starting stages for drug discovery within the chemical synthesis from that artificial analogs are discovered with improved effectiveness, potency, safety and purity.

  • Track 7-1Natural products research in drug discovery
  • Track 7-2Natural products chemistry
  • Track 7-3Lead molecules from natural products
  • Track 7-4Lead molecules from natural products
  • Track 7-5Natural skin and body care products research
  • Track 7-6Naturotherapy

Toxicology focuses on the study of severe effects occurring in living organisms thanks to harmful chemicals. Toxicology involves observant and reportage the symptoms, mechanism of the substances and their detection and treatment. It includes present chemical compounds alongside compounds created by humans like pharmaceutical compounds. These compounds could have harmful effects on humans like discomfort, disturbance in growth patterns, numerous diseases, and generally, may additionally have fatal effects.

  • Track 8-1Plant Toxicology
  • Track 8-2Marine Toxicology
  • Track 8-3Chemical Toxicology
  • Track 8-4Dose response complexities
  • Track 8-5Medicinal Toxicology

A significant range of prescription drugs as of currently accessible to doctors have an extended history of utilization as natural cures, as well as narcotics, ibuprofen, digitalis, and antimalarial. As indicated by the planet Health Organization, around twenty-fifth of current medicine utilized as a locality of USA. are gotten from plants. No less than 7,000 therapeutic mixes in the advanced pharmacopeia are gotten from plants. Among the hundred and twenty active compounds presently isolated from the upper plants and widely utilized in fashionable medication nowadays, 80% show a positive correlation between their modern therapeutic use and the traditional use of the plants from that they're derived.

  • Track 9-1Green pharmacy
  • Track 9-2Herbal remedies for common diseases
  • Track 9-3Botanicals
  • Track 9-4Home remedies
  • Track 9-5Spagyric medicine

Poisonous Plants are utilized for different infirmities, for example, Antidiabetic, Anticancer, Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Cytogenetic effects. It chiefly deals with wide quantities of phytochemical constituents that are isolated from totally different|the various} therapeutic plants that have different activities like a diuretic drug, laxative, purgative and different other critical restorative properties. In Siddha therapeutic system of hepatotoxic plants cures several infections. It is vital to possess AN awareness relating to the toxic plants that once utilized in the right, prescribed dose, acts as potential therapeutic agents. Toxins are atoms that are destructive to living beings.

  • Track 10-1Antimicrobial activities of Poisonous Plants
  • Track 10-2Abrus Precatorius (Fabaceae)
  • Track 10-3Citrullus Colocynthis (Cucurbitaceae)
  • Track 10-4Cleistanthus Collinus (Phyllanthaceae)
  • Track 10-5Agave Sisalana (Asparagaceae)
  • Track 10-6Arum Maculatum (Araceae)
  • Track 10-7Gloriosa Superba (Colchicaceae)
  • Track 10-8Gloriosa Superba (Colchicaceae)
  • Track 10-9Arum Maculatum (Araceae)

Aromatic Plants and Restorative form a numerically Brobdingnagian gathering of financially vital plants that provide essential crude materials to medicines, aromas, flavors and beautifying agents. These plants and their items not just serve as important wellspring of salary for little holders and business visionaries additionally help the nation to procure profitable remote trade by method for the fare. Medicinal plants square measure those plants that square measure made in auxiliary – metabolites and circular section potential wellspring of medicines. These optional metabolites incorporate alkaloids, glycosides, coumarone, flavonoids, and steroids and so on.

  • Track 11-1Aromatic Compounds
  • Track 11-2Aromatic Plants
  • Track 11-3Aromatherapy
  • Track 11-4Aromatic Flowers
Plant Biotechnology could also be a collection of techniques accustomed adapt plants for specific wishes or opportunities. Situations that blend multiple wishes and opportunities square measure common. For example, one crop is additionally required to provide property food and healthful nutrition, protection of the environment, and opportunities for jobs and gain. Finding or developing applicable plants is typically a particularly advanced challenge.
Plant Biotechnologies that assist in developing new varieties and traits embody genetic science and genetics, marker-assisted choice (MAS), and transgenic (genetic engineered) crops. These biotechnologies alter researchers to seek out and map genes, discover their functions, choose for specific genes in genetic resources and breeding, and transfer genes for specific traits into plants wherever they're required. NIFA funds analysis, training, and extension for developing and exploitation biotechnologies for food and agriculture.
  • Track 12-1Plant Functional Biology and Biotechnology
  • Track 12-2Plant Pathology and Immunology
  • Track 12-3Plant Micropropagation
  • Track 12-4Seed, Fruit & Reproductive Plant Biotechnology
  • Track 12-5Parasitology

Natural Medicine can even be remarked as a treatment that may be a variety of practice of medicine that involves medical aid, herbalism, stylostixis, diet and way, and more. Natural medication systems aim to include light therapeutic techniques involving the body, mind and emotions to help the healing method. They additionally concentrate on every patient as a person and treating the complete person, rather than concentrating on a specific space or the patient’s disorder. Natural medicine revolves around vitalism and self-healing, meaning naturopaths will tend to advise their patients to avoid modern medicines, pharmacological drugs, vaccinations and medical operations.

Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Drugs may be an explicit essential health care profession, accenting bar, treatment, and optimum health mistreatment therapeutic strategies and substances that area unit useful within the self-healing method. The observe of Naturopathic drugs includes trendy and ancient, scientific, and empirical strategies. Its approach is exclusive in regard to any customary drug rehearsed within the U.S.A. these days. The theory of Naturopathic Medicine goes back to the times of Hippocrates around 400 B.C.

  • Track 14-1Safety of Natural Treatments
  • Track 14-2Traditional Naturopathy
  • Track 14-3Homeopathy
  • Track 14-4Alternative Medicine
  • Track 14-5Acupuncture

Traditional Medicine refers to the knowledge and practice which is based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures, used in maintaining health to prevent, diagnose, and to improve physical and mental illness. One third of the world’s population lacks knowledge on traditional and alternative remedies that could become an important way of increasing access to health care services.

  • Track 15-1Drug discovery from plants and herbs
  • Track 15-2Holistic medicine
  • Track 15-3Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Track 15-4Unani Medicine
  • Track 15-5Siddha Medicine
  • Track 15-6Folk Medicine

The utilization of plants as medication originates before composed mankind's history. A large number of the herbs and flavours utilized by people to season nourishment additionally yield valuable therapeutic mixes. The utilization of herbs and flavours in cooking created to some degree as a reaction to the risk of nourishment borne pathogens. Thinks about demonstrate that in tropical atmospheres where pathogens are the most copious, formulas are the most exceedingly spiced. Assist, the flavours with the most intense antimicrobial action have a tendency to be chosen.

  • Track 16-1Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Track 16-2Paralysis
  • Track 16-3Cardiac Diseases
  • Track 16-4Diabetes
  • Track 16-5Cosmetics
  • Track 16-6Chinese Medicine
  • Track 16-7Antimalarial

Plant Tissue Culture could be a system of developing plant cells, tissues, organs, seeds or different plant elements in a very sterile scenario on a supplemented medium. Plant Tissue Cultures square measure usually initiated from cellular tissue fragments, known as explants, obtained from living plants. Explants might originate from a big selection of plant tissues, like leaf, stem, root, hypocotyl, cotyledon, embryo, or plant tissue.

  • Track 17-1Recent advances in Plant Tissue Culture
  • Track 17-2Plant reproduction and Development
  • Track 17-3Micropropagation in Plants

Herbal Medicine square measure a sort of dietary supplement that square measure sold as capsules, powders, tablets, teas, extracts, and recent or dried plants. Now a day’s individuals square measure victimization flavorer medicines to take care of or improve their health. It is a knowledge domain branch between flavorer medication and written material and it covers all the fields of flavorer medication associated with biological science, medicative Plant analysis, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, therapy, botanical medicines, Ayurveda and Natural chemistry, Biotechnology and Biochemistry. Agriculture Science, Unani Medicine etc.,

  • Track 18-1Herbal Antibiotics
  • Track 18-2Herbal Hair Products
  • Track 18-3Herbs Toxicity
  • Track 18-4Herbal Monograph
  • Track 18-5Healing Herbs & Herbalism
  • Track 18-6Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Science could be a field with several specializations, as well as plant-based mostly drugs and healing. There square measure totally different methods within the seasoning science field, as well as an acupuncturist and oriental drugs. About eightieth of the population in Asian and African countries depends on ancient drugs for his or her primary health care desires. Despite everything, it's normal to observe for researchers to explore restorative plants simply to find the only compound substance answerable of the useful impact as our means of life is getting techno-shrewd, we are moving far from nature. While we can't escape from nature since we are a piece of nature. What nature has a place away certain the United States of America we've not nonetheless fully investigated?

  • Track 19-1Discovery of Lead Compounds in Herbal Plants
  • Track 19-2Acetyl Keto Boswellic Acid
  • Track 19-3Quality Control of Herbal Drugs
  • Track 19-4Herbal Medicine Side Effects
  • Track 19-5Herbs for Addiction and Recovery

Homegrown innovation encircles all the propelling specialized wildernesses (aside from qualities) intended to tap bunches of methods of controlling plants around us. An extensive variety of advancements are created to gather the pr things that the plants turn out, including regular colors, bio composts, biopesticides and biofuel. The National Seminar on seasoning Technology was the initial innovate transcription standards and characterizing logical techniques for this new plan of beneficially addressing the plants around North American country.

  • Track 20-1Herbal Product Development
  • Track 20-2Advance Herbal Extraction Methods
  • Track 20-3Innovative Herbal Unit Process
  • Track 20-4Herbal Bioprecessing
  • Track 20-5Manufacturing of Herbal Remedics
  • Track 20-6Quality Assurence of Herbal Products
  • Track 20-7Regulatory Affairs on Herbal Products

Plants, significantly utilized as a region of written material will provide naturally dynamic atoms and lead structures for the development of altered subordinates with upgraded movement and/or diminished harmfulness. The little portion of blooming plants that have to this point been researched have yielded around a hundred and twenty restorative operators of acknowledged structure from around ninety styles of plants. A portion of the useful plant medicine incorporates periwinkle plant derivative, a periwinkle plant derivative, Taxol, podophyllotoxin, camptothecin, digitoxigenin, gitoxigenin, digoxigenin, phytotoxin, morphine, codeine, headache drugs, atropine, alkaloid, capsaicin, allice, curcumin, artemisinin and alkaloid among others. Now and once more, the unrefined concentrate of restorative plants may well be utilized as medicaments. Then again, the separation and recognizable proof of the dynamic standards and clarification of the system of activity of drugs is of elementary significance. Thus, works in both blends of conventional pharmaceutical and single dynamic mixes are critical. Where the dynamic atom cannot be integrated monetarily, the item ought to be noninheritable from the event of material.

  • Track 21-1Indian Ayurveda
  • Track 21-2Ayurvedic Supplements
  • Track 21-3Ayurvedic Remedies
  • Track 21-4Ayurvedic Drugs and Treatment
  • Track 21-5Antiasthmatic Plants

Medicinal Chemistry is usually associate degree knowledge domain science, and professionals have a solid foundation in science, that ought to as time goes on to be united with a large comprehension of characteristic musings related to cell steady targets. Research analyst in medicative chemistry work is essentially current researchers, filling in as a section of associate degree associative event that utilizes their science limits, notably, their engineered limits, to utilize substance measures to style effective therapeutic agents.

  • Track 22-1Synthesis and Catalysis
  • Track 22-2Organic Synthesis
  • Track 22-3Applied Chemistry
  • Track 22-4Manufacturing and Marketing OTC Drugs

Plants have a long history of utilization in the treatment of disease. Hartwell, in his audit of plants used against illness, records quite 3000 plant species that have apparently been used as a locality of the treatment of neoplasm. It is noteworthy that more than 60% of at present utilized anticancer operators are inferred as a part of one Way or another from common sources, including plants, marine living beings and miniaturized scale life forms.

  • Track 23-1Folk Medicine
  • Track 23-2Cyanogenetic Glycosides
  • Track 23-3Aanas Comosus
  • Track 23-4Brassinosteroids
  • Track 23-5Bamboo Grass
  • Track 23-6Artocarpus Integer
  • Track 23-7Echo China
  • Track 23-8Alfalfa and Other