Unani and Siddha Medicine

Unani Medicine, likewise called Unani tibb, Arabian prescription, or Islamic medication, a customary arrangement of mending and wellbeing support saw in South Asia. The beginnings of Unani prescription are found in the teachings of the antiquated Greek doctors Hippocrates and Galen. As a field, it was later created and refined through precise trial by the Arabs, most noticeably by Muslim researcher doctor Avicenna. The historical backdrop of Unani drug can be described by crafted by its professionals, or hakims, who depended on common recuperating dependent on standards of amicability and equalization, joining the physical, mental, and otherworldly domains. As per this traditional system, the human body is composed of four basic elements: earth, air, water and fire having cold, hot, wet and dry temperaments respectively. The body fluids are composed of four humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

The Siddha system of medication is mostly polished in the Southern piece of India. It is one of the soonest conventional medication frameworks on the planet which treats the body as well as the psyche and the spirit. The word Siddha has its inception in the Tamil word Siddhi which signifies "an article to be achieved" or "flawlessness" or "brilliant joy". India being the origin of numerous conventional methods of reasoning likewise brought forth Siddha. The underlying foundations of this framework are interlaced with the way of life of antiquated Tamil human advancement. Siddha prescription is professed to renew and revive broken organs that reason the illness. Kayakarpam, an extraordinary blend of medication and way of life, Varmam treatment, Vaasi (Pranayamam) and Muppu the all inclusive Salt are the specialities of Siddha arrangement of medication. Therefore this framework associates both profound and physical and regards the individual in general for example it thinks the physical, mental, social and profound prosperity of a person.

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